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60th Anniversary

Special Edition

The 60th Anniversary key is a Special Edition of our aclaimed Sculpture key, commemorating the 60th anniversary of our company, and only 214 pieces will ever be made.
All fixed parts are completely made from AISI-304 stainless steel - a virtually indestructible material that can only be shaped to this perfection with specialized machinery and tools.  It is polished to a finish that should stay perfect for a lifetime, and, unlike plated surfaces, you can always remove any blemishes with fine abrasive compounds like jewellers rouge or car polish.

The arms of this paddle, with a 1:1 leverage ratio, are extremely short and are made from a lightweight alloy. The finger pieces are also made from aluminum alloy for excellent tactile feedback and low mass. The resulting combined minimal moving mass, in combination with the highest grade racing bearings and magnetic return, results in a responsiveness and precision that you will probably not find in any other paddle.

The 60th Anniversary key has the fine adjustments of our best paddles, and gold contacts made from solid 14k gold (not plated) are a standard feature.
The finger pieces of the 60th Anniversary key are mounted at a slightly V-shaped angle so that you can change to your preferred spacing by sliding your fingers slightly up or down
The specially shaped base of this key proudly displays “Begali 60th Anniversary”.  These keys will without a doubt be sought-after collector items and, of course, they are among the finest high-performance keys that money can buy.
We have made every attempt with this key to not only produce a technical instrument that serves its purpose with the highest possible precision, but also to make it aesthetically pleasing, as has been a hallmark of all keys that bear our name. This truly is a work of art that embodies the best we produce - a fitting tribute to celebrate the 60th year of our company. Find out how users rated this key on eHam.  

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