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Officina Meccanica Begali - Via Badia 22 - 25060 Cellatica - Italy
Pietro Begali
Precision In Mechanical Components
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After the first World War my father was a designer for machine guns.  These old family photos, taken around 1924, show him and his products.

His gun mounted in an open cockpit biplane ...
In 1940 my father started my education as a mechanical engineer and had me working on a lathe ....

In 1954 I completed my education on work-machines and electronics, studying under Prof. Renato Luisa (I2RD), and Ing.Giuseppe Masserdotti (I2GMR).
In 1964 I obtained my amateur radio license as I2RTF.  Ever since I have been a dedicated CW operator, and it was only natural that one day I would try to design and produce the best Morse keys that money can buy ...
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