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CW Machine

CW Machine
The CW Machine - everything else is just a keyer

The CW Machine is a unique software-defined keying device, and a perfect match for our high quality paddles.  It combines the functions of an advanced iambic memory keyer and a keyboard keyer with the functions normally performed by a logging program. The CW Machine will collect the information for a log record from the signal that you are sending out and store up to 12,000 log records. When you start a new QSO, the log is searched in real time for a previous contact with that station, and if a log entry exists, information like the name or the QTH of the other operator can be automatically inserted into your outgoing messages.  None of this requires a computer connection - the CW Machine really is a small specialized computer !  The designer of the CW Machine, Ulrich, N2DE, uses it during many of his trips to remote locations - here is a link to an article about one of his more recent “Vest Pocket DX Expeditions”.
It comes with a numeric keypad which lets you control all functions.  If you plug in a PS/2 keyboard instead, it turns into a sophisticated CW keyboard.  It can also act as a keying device for other logging programs if they are able to send text to a serial port.  In addition it is designed to let you use your paddle at a remote location, connected to the Internet, to send CW with a software controlled rig at home - very close to the experience that you would have when sitting at the rig.
The LCD display allows comfortable configuration changes in the field, even when the device is not connected to a computer.  It also serves as a UTC clock/calendar, a precise indicator of the speed that you control with the potentiometer, and it even shows you what you are sending in plain text (this works even for straight keys).
The ability to upgrade the firmware in the device with a few mouse clicks in a Windows program lets you stay up-to-date as enhancements are provided, and it also lets you completely change the “personality” of the CW Machine.  Take a look at the  CW Trainer firmware / software package which is available with email delivery directly from the author.
The CW Machine connects to a computer through a serial port.  If you don’t have a serial port, you should add the USB-serial adapter to your order - unlike many other adapters it will definitely work with the CW Machine and, as a special feature, it can supply power to the CW Machine from the computer.
Check the CWM News section for the latest developments of the CW Machine and the CW Trainer.
The functions of the CW Machine are far too many to be elaborated here.  Please take a look at the documentation that is available online if you click on these links:
These documents are in PDF format, and you need Adobe Reader to view them.  Any technical questions concerning the CW Machine you should directly submit to the designer N2DE, Ulrich.
The CW Machine hardware and software was exclusively designed and implemented by
Ulrich H. Steinberg, N2DE, and all rights rest with N2DE.
Take a look how users rated the CW Machine on eHam.

You can order the CW Machine for $295 plus $20 and pay securely
via PayPal right now. (Price in US Dollars, no VAT)

You can order the CW Trainer add-on for $30 with fast delivery by email,
and pay securely via PayPal right now. (Price in US Dollars, no VAT)

Add a USB-serial adapter for $25 (only in combination with a CW Machine)
Pay securely via PayPal right now. (Price in US Dollars, no VAT)

Add the Remote Control Option for only $25
(You can also order this separately for delivery by email at a later time.)
Pay securely via PayPal right now. (Price in US Dollars, no VAT)

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