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The design of semi-automatic keys has changed very little since Horace Martin sold his first “bug” more than a hundred years ago.  The Intrepid, however, introduces a distinct new architecture that breaks this mold.  The return forces and damping are produced by magnets for the utmost in consistency and durability.  The single machined arm is held by precision bearings for reliably smooth action, and the design ensures that it always returns to the exact same neutral position.  The precision adjustments are embedded in two gold plated “walls” which also protect the mechanism.

Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ, a well known and highly accomplished CW operator, has produced a video clip which shows the adjustments of the Intrepid and demonstrates it in combination with the CW Machine.
The hoizontal pendulum, which produces the dits of a Morse character, is actuated by an ingenious lever mechanism, and it faces toward the operator.  The sliding weights allow you to adjust the speed from about 18wpm to more than 40wpm.
The base of this key is made by melting and casting phosphatized iron. As a result, no two bases will be identical, even though the overall shape and dimensions are ensured by the mold. A rough uneven surface with individual patterns is characteristic for this process.

The Intrepid, with its distinct cast iron base, is a heavy-weight of about 6 pounds
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