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Sculpture Janus

Like Janus, the Roman God with two faces, the Sculpture Janus has two personalities.  
It is a high performance dual lever paddle with narrow paddle spacing and all the quality attributes that have made or line of Sculpture paddles famous. And, with the twist of a screw, you can adjust the mechanism so that squeezing the paddles will no longer produce alternating dits and dahs, in effect making the Sculpture Janus a single lever paddle.
This versatile mechanism was first introduced with our Leonessa paddle.  
The Sculpture Janus is perfect if you like paddles with

narrow spacing, and/or if you want to experiment with both modes of operation, "squeeze" mode and single lever mode.
Like the other Sculpture keys, the Janus is made from virtually indestructible stainless steel, the moving parts are light-weight aircraft aluminum, the racing bearings are instrument grade, and the contacts are solid gold 14 carats (Solid raw Gold Material).
At the bottom of the base we are using a rubber ring to prevent slippage - although it would be pretty hard to get this heavy weight to slide around on your table.  (This extra weight is also responsible for the slightly higher shipping charges) Also included are four rubber feet which you can install instead of the rubber ring.
Paddles don't come better, and the Janus adds an additional dimension of versatility not found in other keys.
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