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Simplex mono basic

The Mono Basic is our least expensive single lever key, combining the base of the Simplex Basic with the mechanism of the Simplex Mono.  Despite its lower price it is a very capable CW instrument that can hold it’s own against many far more expensive keys on the market.  Like our other keys it is manufactured using NC machinery for absolute precision.  Micro-threaded screws are used for all adjustments.  The pivot uses ball bearings that are imbedded in the base, and the moving components are made of a light-weight alloy. This key uses a novel approach with a segmented lever that provides decoupling of the two sides and an exceptionally well defined neutral position.
The contacts are 925/000 silver. The key comes with a protective dust cover. The base of this key is made by melting and casting phosphatized iron.  As a result, no two bases will be identical, even though the overall shape and dimensions are ensured by the mold.  A rough uneven surface with individual patterns is characteristic for this process.

If you come from a history of using mechanical bugs or straight keys you may find the operation of a single lever key easier than the “squeeze” mode of iambic paddles.  And even if you are using a dual lever key today you may want to get this precision key for an occasional diversion to create dits and dahs in a more old-fashioned way.  Find out how other users rated this key on eHam.

Only for countries in the European Union: we have to charge 22% VAT

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Additional aluminum finger pieces for only €18.00

Additional plastic finger pieces for only €10.00

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