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The Stealth combines a rugged professional finish with unsurpassed performance.  Base and Bearing block are made from a single block of heavy cast metal with a palladium finish, and all components are encapsulated and protected, giving this ultimate paddle its distinctive shape which is reminiscent of a fighter plane.

We have selected the very best materials for each and every component. Gold contacts are standard with this key. It comes with carbon fiber finger pieces, and a second set of black anodized aluminum finger pieces is included. (The silver finger pieces in this photo were

only made for the prototype - the production finger pieces look similar to those shown on the Sculpture key.) The precision adjustments with micro-threaded screws let you find and lock in your preferred settings for the spacing and the magnetic return force.  The perfect geometry and weight distribution of all moving parts make this a key which works effortlessly and precisely up to the highest speeds.
This key will satisfy you, whether you are a beginner who wants the very best, or a world-class high speed operator.  Find out how other users rated this key on eHam.

Only for countries in the European Union: we have to charge 22% VAT

Select the base finish and add a Stealth key to your shopping cart for €490.00:

Have your callsign engraved for €22.00
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